Thursday, April 2, 2009

About and History

So, exactly what is Redstone Cyclery's Lyons Fat Tire Fest? Well, first let me tell you a little history. We started this in 2001 as our housewarming party. It was the year we moved to the best little town on the Front Range, Lyons, CO. Yes I am biased. We always threw our party/celebration on Memorial Day to allow friends from all over the country to come and enjoy a 3 day weekend with us. We would ride, party, get up and repeat for a few days in a row. This year is a continuation of what a small group of bike riders, my wife, and myself started many moons ago. We've had to make a few changes along the way. The last couple of years have gotten pretty big - big enough that we've had to split the ride into a couple of different groups due to ability, endurance, etc.
We've made a few changes for 2010. Rides will range from advanced/intermediate to advanced to experts only. Riders are also free to ride wherever they want during the day and to hang out and party with us in the evening. It's all about riding and having a good time.

Still thinking about what we're going to do on Sunday. Definitely will be fun, though.

The goal of the fest, though, is still exactly the same as the original. To have a good time. Um, and hopefully to be swearing at me on the Saturday Deathmarch. See you there!

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